5300 Kilometers

We decided to take our two boys and our new car on a big road trip to Arizona! I was very nervous the boys would have numerous melt downs and the trip would be awful! The farthest we had ever driven with them before was to Calgary and sometimes they don't even make it to Lethbridge without having a fit! 

But I am proud to say they made the whole trip...5 days in the car...2 hotels a sleepover at a relatives...5 states and 5300 kms without a single melt down! It was amazing and we had such a fun trip! 

Here's what kept them entertained (Thank goodness for Pinterest! )

They each got their own cookie sheet to use as a little table to play on. Which worked great! 

I glued magnets onto these little puzzle pieces and the boys loved playing with their little animals 
My mom bought a giant book of Thomas the Train stickers and it had a big selection of tracks so I glued them onto magnetic paper and cut them out so they could make their own tracks. There was also tunnels and different scenery pieces too! I though Dane would like this more but the tracks were a little hard to move on the cookie sheet. 
This was a big hit! I found a blog that had all the letters made out of circles so I printed out a few and put them in page protectors in their activity book. The boys loved matching up the circle stickers to the spots. And since the stickers peeled off the page protectors easily they could do it over and over again! 

Stickers were the best thing! Logan loved doing this sticker matching game! I got 2 packs of stickers and put 1 set onto a piece of paper in a page protector and then Logan used the other set to match them up! 

I didn't even know these crayon existed until I read about them on a blog! They are the best! I printed out coloring sheets and put them in page protectors and the boys could scribble away! Instead of having tons of coloring pages to throw away I just wiped the page off and they could color it again! The crayons even come with their own little cloth to use.

More stickers of course! I cut out pages from a Chuck the Truck activity book and glued it to a file folder. Dane had fun creating his own little car scenes with the stickers! 

I bought this quiet book from the Cardston Book Shop and I should have bought more. My next project is to make them their own quiet books! They both loved playing with the different pages from the Bible.

This was a very last minute project I did super fast! I cut out different shapes to build little owls out of foam. The eyes are magnets. Dane enjoyed making weird faces out of the shapes

They also had tons of plain paper to color on or use these cute mini Lightening McQueen stamps! (Temporary tattoos were also a big hit!)
And of course you can't forget the iPad! I have a couple puzzle apps on it that both the kids can do and they always love playing with it! 

Some other travel savers were of course the DVD player, their cars and trucks, and a couple I spy books. We had tons of healthier snacks and a big cooler filled with juice boxes applesauce pouches and cheese strings.

My good friend made these travel pillows for the boys and they worked so good!! It kept their little heads up and they looked so cozy! (They only slept 2x in the car the whole road trip!) 

We bought an Acadia right before our trip and it was an awesome vehicle for travelling. It has the bench instead if bucket seats so I was able to put all their activities into Ziploc baggies and put it in a tote between their car seats so they could get to everything easily. 

I am so glad we decided to drive! (I actually didn't drive at all) We had fun chasing the kids around at every gas stop and it was fun to see the kids experience something new! I will definitely plan another crazy road trip for the future! 

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