2013 Recap

2013 Recap 

* Logan turned 1 and we've been chasing him ever since!
* We moved back into my parents basement suite in anticipation of Denver going to school (actually this was February) 

* We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary

* The weather warmed up so we ventured outside on long walks and long play dates at the park

* More park days and playing in the sandbox 
* Dane broke his collar bone 
* Played some soft ball
* Sprained my ankle
*  Left for the Nelson summer vacation on the Flathead Lake in Montana

* Celebrated the 1st and the 4th with fireworks and campfire
* My sweet Grandpa Nelson passed away from pancreatic cancer. 
* More park and pool dates
* Denver got a motorcycle

* Even more park and pool dates and playing in the sandbox. We had really good weather this summer. We were outside a lot!
* Denver changed his mind about school...again
* Took the kids to the Calgary Zoo
* My brother and sister in law's little newborn Julia passed away. 

* Started taking the boys to Parent Preschool which they LOVE! 
* Dane turned 3!!

* We bought a new car
* Got to spend the night away in Calgary with a few girlfriends! Had a blast shopping! 
* I turned 26
* Took the kids to some pumpkin patches! They were in heaven!
* Had a sweet Halloween party Jensen's

* My grandma moved to Lethbridge from Winnipeg
* Cory jo started babysitting the kids! First time they have ever been babysit by someone other than family

* Girls Christmas party at Firestone! Always have fun at girls night!
* Decorated for Christmas, made a gingerbread house, ate yummy treats!
* Spent Christmas going between my family and Denvers playing games and eating way too much!
* Got an accordion for Christmas learned to play Joy to the World for the Wilde talent show.... I am terrible lol

So that's it. Needless to say one our goals this year is to be more adventurous! We are excited for 2014! Hopefully we will accomplish our goals and make some big changes this year! 

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