am surprised that Dane doesn't get hurt more often. He is always jumping off things,scrapping his knees and is a speed demon on anything with wheels. (just like is Dad) I think I've only ever put 1 bandaid on him and that stayed on for only a few minutes. This past weekend though he touched the exhaust on a dirt bike right after Denver had gotten off. Second degree burns on 3 of his tiny little fingers. He was so tough and didn't cry at all but you could tell he was in a lot of pain. It was heartbreaking. I took him into th ER in Raymond so they could wrap his hand. 
He got a sweet bandage and a thick coating of flamazine and he was feeling a lot better. 

3 boxes of band aids and 5 days later here's what I've learned.

1. Bandaid brand band aids are the worse! Kids bandaids suck too!
2. My trusty Dermoplast works on everything! 
3.Elastoplast band aids are the best! (heavy fabric waterproof) 
4. They make band aids specifically for fingers! Who knew? ( I NEVER buy bandaids) 
5. Kids sized gardening gloves are awesome.
6. Flamazine is super expensive! ($30 for a small tube!) 

His fingers look so much better! That white bubble on his pinky was triple the size on his other 2 fingers! 

I think he learned his lesson! Whenever we change his bandaids he says to me "mom,don't touch the dirt bike okay" 

I love my little stinker 

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