Growing Up

Dane is growing up so fast! He is always saying new words and has quite the personality!

His favorite things to do are

Peg puzzles
- we do these puzzles a few times everyday! He likes the color fish one the most. He loves to point out colors! He can say "wheat" - white "trown" - brown "orange" "ack" - black "urp" - purple and "foon" - blue
- he says a few animals but mostly calls things puppy or dog.

Watching Mater
- he gets more excited about the rusty tow truck than the shiny sports car, can tell who's kid he is!

Brushing his teeth
- he pretty much just likes putting his toothbrush under the water

Going for car rides
- when we get in the van he always says "papa" and if we drive past the turn to my parents or Denver's parents he gets upset.
- when we drive by edo he yells "SOME" as in he wants some haha! He loves Edo!

- or spinning in circles.

- mostly on our bed it makes me nervous though cause it's pretty high.

Dane is turning into a pretty shy kid. He cries when we go to nursery. The saddest cry I've ever heard! He hides behinds me when new people are around, he warms up pretty quickly to most people though.

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